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Dec 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
and was elected president in the first free election. a triumph was the 2010 world cup played in south africa. the 91-year-old mandela, fought for years to host the cup appeared on the pitch. in his later years he was in and out of the hospital and nufd his home village to be closer to family. his influence never waned, hosting visitors including first lady michelle obama. nelson mandela became a living symbol of freedom. the strength of the human spirit. and moments ago president obama spoke about mandela. >> he drew for words spoken at president abraham lincoln's death bed >> he achieved more that be can be expected of any man, today, he's gone home, we've lost one of the most influential he and pro foundly good human beings any of us will share time with on earth. >> he no longer belongs to us. but to the ages. >> president obama plans to travel to south africa to attend the memorial service. the bay area is mourning the loss of bay area have given me and my delegation hope to continue farther >> thousands cheered when he spoke in 1990. mandela visited shortly after being released from pri
Dec 3, 2013 4:00pm PST
and felt nervous celebrating the first mass after being elected pontiff. >> who won't? >> you don't want to mess with the pope because he'll throw you out of there. >> anonymous people are leaving giant tips. >> two have been left in san francisco restaurants we have a receipt to show you last month, you can see a $1500 tip on there signed simply tips for jesus. the bartender, bus boy and hostess were tipped out the bulk went to the waiter. >> he was thrilled because that doesn't happen often. a 300% tip is unique. >> two months ago a server at tacolicious received a $1,000 tip the bill was only $152. owner says nobody can remember who left tip but since they share their tips among the staff, everybody was pretty happy. >> yes. a thousand dollars at a taco place? huge. >> spencer christian is on assignment but sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> yes. i'm tracking the winter-like chill. clear skies but it's going to start to feel like winter. expecting freezing cold conditions going under a freeze warning at 2:00 a.m 20s expected overnight you know the drill protect your pets, pipes
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2